5 Promo Accessories for Baseball Season

  • Mar 4, 2020

 Are you ready for the baseball season? It is right around the corner and I can't wait to catch some games.


Here are five ideas for your baseball-playing or -supporting clients, whether professional, collegiate, or little league.


1. Hoodies


The baseball season stretches from March to October, which means the first few games can be chilly and last few games so fans need warmer gear for those chilly games like hoodies. Hoodies fill that need for chilly, but not freezing, spring and fall nights. Because of the higher cost of hoodies, these may be better for a smaller group of people at the game—perhaps season ticket holders.


2. Visors


Baseball caps are common at baseball games for obvious reasons. Add something a little different to your ballgame promotions by handing out visors.


3. Sunglasses


Have you ever forgotten your sunglasses when going to a baseball game? You're left squinting at the field, hoping you are cheering for the right team, but mostly getting a headache from straining your eyes. Well, you can solve that problem for other game-goers by having your client sponsor sunglasses to give out to fans as they enter the stadium.


4. Bags


NFL & College games may have strict guidelines for what bags attendees can bring to the game. Celebrate with baseball-themed bags with these clear bags.


5. Disposable Rain Gear


No one likes to get wet when they are at a baseball game.  With a promotional rain poncho your you will not only stay dry when it rains, but will also look great. Plus your logo will be seen while at that baseball game.

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