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Where people can't go swag can" We're a unique full-service marketing & branding company. We bring value to our clients through consulting and selling targeted ideas that add value that achieve your marketing goals and enhance your brand. We are about out-of-the-box thinking, isn't that what marketing is all about? Your marketing must be measurable... and that's where we thrive-providing effective marketing campaigns that produce ROI & ROO.
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Safety Programs & Safety Awards
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Health & Wellness Programs
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Apparel & Uniform Programs
  • Online Company Stores
We have been helping clients for 30 + Years in the Promotional Industry!!! About Section add this copy: Evelyn Flynn, MAS, has successfully managed advertising strategies for small and large businesses across all market segments for over 30 plus years. Evelyn has identified a weak spot in the marketing sphere and she is on a quest to fix it. Adworks Promotions, Inc. is a unique full-service branding & marketing company. We bring value through consulting and targeted ideas that help you achieve your marketing goals and enhance the company brand. We serve our customers & prospects with a secret weapon call "listening", like doctors we listen to the challenges that they are facing in their industry and then offer a diagnose, before offering a solution. We have been serving for 30 plus years in the promotional industry. 
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